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CHLP is a private nonprofit organization that provides services to people with disabilities of limited means. People who come to the Law Project for assistance include those with mental illness, developmental disabilities, mobility impairments, sensory impairments (blindness and deafness), and HIV/AIDS. All of our clients experience one or more legal problems requiring professional guidance and representation. Many of the services we provide are free of charge and serve to keep people out of institutions, living as independently and self-sufficiently as possible. Our strength lies in our ability to provide quality legal services to people who have chronic and severe disabilities and thus require specialized support and expertise.

Your contribution will go a long way toward helping us better serve those who seek our assistance. Funds raised by the organization from private donations are used to supplement existing grants from government or foundation sources and to offer new and innovative programs to those in need. We use donations in the following manner:

Legal Services

Individual counseling and representation in many civil legal areas such as: eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, public entitlements, Medicaid, and Medicare; landlord-tenant disputes; consumer and family law matters.


CHLP's advocacy efforts include ensuring barrier-free accessibility to residential dwellings and public buildings, health care reform, prevention of homelessness, and educating the public about the needs of people with disabilities at home, at work, and at play. CHLP staff work diligently to prevent or end discrimination by upholding federal and state laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities.

Special Projects

Such as training and educational programs for consumers, families and professionals; complex litigation to protect rights and entitlements; and other activities to enhance the life of persons living with disabilities.

Technology and Capital Improvements

Upgrading the Law Project’s computer technology to enable staff to provide high-quality services to clients through computer networking, purchase of software, internet access and use of state-of-the-art personal computers. Funds are continually needed for renovation and upgrading of the Law Project’s administrative and five regional offices.


Four Common Ways of Giving

Gift in Tribute

You can make a donation to the Law Project in memory of a friend or family member who has died, or in honor of a person for an achievement or a special event. We will send a card to the person or persons for whom the donation was made. If you wish, you may include a personal message. We will send you a confirmation of the donation.

Example: You can send the Law Project a gift in memory of a loved one whose life was marked by his or her dedication to the needs of people with disabilities and senior citizens or in memory of someone whose life was affected by a disability or the special problems associated with aging.

Planned Giving

This form of donation involves setting aside a portion of one’s assets (often through estate planning or bequests) as a gift to the Law Project. This form of charitable giving often provides financial benefits to both the Law Project and the donor. Donors should consult their tax or legal adviser prior to making a charitable gift of this nature.

Example: Recently, the Law Project received a generous gift from the estate of a woman who had learned of the Law Project through a family member. In recognition of this gift, the Law Project dedicated its board room in her memory.

General Contributions

People or organizations concerned about the needs of people with disabilities can make contributions to the Law Project to enhance and supplement our legal and advocacy services. Gifts can be earmarked for specific services or projects or can be given in support of the organization’s overall mission and purpose as a legal aid society. We will send letters of acknowledgment and appreciation for all contributions we receive, both big and small.

Example: Over the years, the Law Project has received individual contributions from current or former members of our board of trustees, former staff, former clients, family members, providers of service who have referred persons to the Law Project for assistance, public officials, and members of the private bar. These individuals or the organizations they work for have found our services valuable and want us to continue providing them. Many of the contributions are made in connection with the Law Project’s annual Ann Klein Advocate Awards, held in October.


People wishing to make themselves available to the Law Project to support any of the above activities and special projects should contact us about becoming a volunteer.


The Law Project prefers that donations be made by either check or money order and sent to:

Community Health Law Project
185 Valley Street
South Orange, NJ 07079

Phone: (973)275-1175
Fax: (973)275-5210
TTY: (973)275-1721

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